In Saku,
you can become
a sake brewer

In the Saku area of Nagano Prefecture sits a sake brewery with over 300 years of history.
Here, you can stay overnight, brew sake for yourself, and experience a day in the life of a sake brewer (kurabito in Japanese).
This is the one-of-a-kind experience provided by Kurabito Stay.
This special experience is accompanied by a friendly owner of the brewery and Touji (chief brewer) and directly escorted by them for you to explore on Kurabito Stay.
In our brewery is a large chamber (hiroshiki) where sake brewers used to sleep in the days of old. We’ve breathed new life into the historic architecture to create living quarters for our guests.
Go for a stroll outside the brewery, and you’ll find the town and its people waiting to welcome you as a sake brewer.


Saku is home to 13 breweries producing the miracle beverage we call sake. Blessed with abundant water sources and an ideal natural environment, sake brewing has taken place in the region for over 300 years. It is also one of Japan’s foremost rice-growing areas. That profound moment when locally harvested water and rice, through a painstakingly sensitive time-honored process,are at last transformed into sake is a true miracle—a miracle we invite you to experience for yourself. Plunge yourself into the role of a brewer, hone your five senses, and delight first-hand in the artistry of the brewing process created by our ancestors.

Marika Tazawa President and CEO of KURABITO STAY
A Time and Place to Become a Brewer
KURABITO STAY has a double meaning, referring to both the time our guests can spend as a sake brewer, and the physical accommodations and place that make the experience possible. Our logo represents the roof of a sake brewery, as well as the Japanese character人 (hito), meaning “person.” Together, under one roof, brewing sake together. This is the spirit expressed by our company logo.
Human Connections Enrich the Community
Just as sake is born from the workings of human brewers together with microorganisms, the encounters and between our guests and local residents serve to “brew” a richer, more vibrant community. In this symbol, the character 人 (“person”) from the KURABITO STAY logo spreads out from one point in infinite directions, and through the its connections gives rise to bonds of friendship and harmony. This is the wish behind this design.