In Saku,
you can become
a sake brewer


In the Saku area of Nagano Prefecture sits a sake brewery with over 300 years of history.
Here, you can stay overnight, brew sake for yourself, and experience a day in the life of a sake brewer (kurabito in Japanese).
This is the one-of-a-kind experience provided by Kurabito Stay.
In our brewery is a large chamber (hiroshiki) where sake brewers used to sleep in the days of old. We’ve breathed new life into the historic architecture to create living quarters for our guests.
Go for a stroll outside the brewery, and you’ll find the town and its people waiting to welcome you as a sake brewer.


1-night 2-day Kurabito Experience (“Koji” making) Jun. to Sep. 2024

Sat. Jun. 13th ~ Sun. Jun. 14th 2024

Sat. Jun. 20th ~ Sun. Jun. 21st 2024

Sat. Sep. 21st ~ Sun. Sep. 22nd 2024

Sat. Sep. 28th ~ Sun. Sep. 29th 2024

1-night 2-day Kurabito Experience (“Koji” making) Apr. to May. 2024

Sat. Apr. 13th ~ Sun. Apr. 14th 2024

Sat. Apr. 20th ~ Sun. Apr. 21st 2024

Sat. May. 11th ~ Sun. May. 12th 2024

Sat. May. 15th ~ Sun. May. 16th 2024

For returning kurabito only! Saku Toji Experience (3 days, 2 nights): Go Beyond the Kurabito Experience and See How Toji Manage the Moromi!

Fri. Feb.23th - Sun. Feb.25th, 2024【Carry out(only 1room left)】

Fri. Mar.8th - Sun. Mar.10th, 2024【Carry out(FULL)】

Sold out
March 2024 2-night, 3-day Kurabito Experience (Sake Brewing Experience)

Fri.Mar 29th-Sun.31st,2024【Carry out(FULL)】

Sold out
1-night 2-day Kurabito Experience (“Koji” making) Sep. to Dec.

Sat. Sep. 9th ~ Sun. 10th 2023 【Carry out(FULL)】

Sat. Sep. 23th ~ Sun. 24th 2023【Carry out(FULL)】

Sat. Oct. 7th ~ Sun. 8th 2023【Carry out(FULL)】

Sat. Dec. 2ed ~ Sun. 3rd 2023【Carry out(FULL)】

Sold out
Feb. to Mar. 2024 2-night, 3-day Kurabito Experience (Sake Brewing Experience / “Shubo” making )

Fri.Feb.9th-Sun.11th,2024【Carry out(FULL)】

Fri.Feb.16th-Sun.18th,2024【Carry out(FULL)】

Fri.Mar.15th-Sun.17th,2024【Carry out(FULL)】

Fri.Mar.22nd-Sun.24th,2024【Carry out(FULL)】


Become a Sake Brewer

Enter the brewery as a sake brewer, crafting sake using time-honored techniques under the guidance of the brewery owner for an authentic, one-of-a-kind sake experience.


A Century-Old Space
Where Brewers Once Slept

A hundred-year old building where brewers once slept during the long and demanding brewing season has been renovated into comfortable, atmospheric sleeping quarters for guests taking part in our sake brewing experience.


Explore the Saku Area to the Fullest

Tour other local breweries, make your own soba noodles, explore the area’s verdant nature, and more. A host of activities are available to allow guests to experience all that Saku has to offer.



623-2, Usuda, Saku Shi, Nagano, 384-0301, Japan


Saku Brewery Agritourism Promotion Council

An organization devoted to spreading information on the Saku region’s sake, food culture, and the daily lives of the people of Saku who live nearby and have supported its 13 breweries, with a particular focus on traditional industries such as sake brewing and farming that have arisen from and make use of the region’s abundant water sources and rich natural environment.

Saku 13 Breweries

In the Saku region, there are thirteen breweries producing the miracle beverage we call sake. This page introduces the faces behind each of Saku’s thirteen sake breweries. In addition to their own products, every year, all thirteen join forces to produce a single sake called SAKU 13.