Reported by NHK WORLD in 160 countries and regions around the world! ~New sake tourism revitalizes the local community~

~Protect and hand down our hometown that we can be proud of even after a hundred years〜

The new sake tourism creates a sustainable local community



We would like to report that the efforts of KURABITO STAY were featured in NHK WORLD’s news program “IN DEPTH” the other day.

NHK World Japan broadcasts in English in about 160 countries and regions.Following the report in March, it was a happy event that the report supported the challenge of spreading my hometown Saku to the world as “SAKU, the world’s sake place” and “SAKU, a town where you can become a brewer”.In this special feature, we paid a focus on efforts to revitalize the local community with the power of tourism, but it was a very valuable opportunity to tell people around the world that Japanese tourism is evolving with the aim of sustainability.We will continue our business strongly with the aim of continuing to be “the most impressive place in the world for sake fans from all over the world”.



First report on April 10, 2023

You can watch the archived video here