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Regarding KURABITO STAY's Efforts to prevent the spread of covid-19Required

The following page summarizes KURABITO STAY's efforts to provide a safe,secure,and enjoyable experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as our reauests for our customers. We ask that you read it thoroughly.

Regarding KURABITO STAY's Efforts to prevent the spread of covid-19

Term of use and Accommodation agreementRequired


When applying, please be sure to read the terms of use and accommodation agreement, and check the contents in advance before applying.

KURABITO STAY Accommodation Agreement

  • Article 1: Scope of this contract
    • This contract defines agreements made between the Hotel (KURABITO STAY, Inc.) and the Guest. For any matters not included in this agreement, we will follow the law and general conduct guidelines.
    • In cases where the Hotel has made special provision, special provisions will prevail.
  • Article 2: Booking the hotel room
    • We ask all Guests booking rooms at our hotel to provide the following:
      • Your full name
      • Date and time of arrival
      • Lodging fees (Generally in accordance with appendix table 1 price scale)
      • Other information that the hotel deems necessary
    • We ask all Guests to inform the Hotel promptly in cases of changes to the items above.
    • If the Guest stays additional nights beyond the dates initially provided in above item 1 (2) “Date and time of arrival”, the Hotel will deem that the Guest has booked new night(s).
  • Article 3: Successful booking
    • This accommodation agreement becomes effective if and only when the Hotel accepts the Guest’s booking of the Hotel.
    • When the agreement does become effective, we (the Hotel) will ask the Guest to pay the total price for all nights by the date that the Hotel has specified as the payment date.
    • If we deem that the Guest has no intention of staying at the Hotel and booking the room, we are allowed to delete the Guest’s booking and consider the reservation ineffective.
    • If the Guest fails to pay the deposit by the date as stipulated in Paragraph 2, the Hotel shall treat the Accommodation Contract as invalid. However, the same shall apply only in the case where the Guest is thus informed by the Hotel when the period of Payment of the deposit is specified.
  • Article 4: Special Contracts Requiring No Accommodation Deposit
    • Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article, the Hotel may enter into a special contract requiring no accommodation deposit after the Contract has been concluded as stipulated in the same Paragraph.
    • In the case when the Hotel has not requested payment of the deposit as stipulated in Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article and/or has not specified the date of payment of the deposit at the time the application for an Accommodation Contract has been accepted, it shall be treated as though the Hotel has accepted a special contract as prescribed in the preceding Paragraph.
  • Article 5: Rejection of reservations
    • We will not accept reservations from the Guest in the following cases:
      • When the reservation does not abide by this contract.
      • When the hotel is full and there are no rooms available.
      • When we judge that the guest will act against this agreement, moral conduct, and/or the law.
      • When we judge that the guest falls under any of the following categories:
        • A member of an organized crime group (hereinafter referred to as a crime group member") as prescribed in Article 2, item 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members (Act No. 77 of 1991), crime group members described in Paragraph 2, Item 6 of the same Act, and any other quasi-organized crime groups or officials of organized crime groups and anti-social forces.
        • A member of an organization or company effectively controlled by such crime groups or crime group members.
        • An organization or company with board members affiliated with crime groups or crime group members.
      • When the person who intends to stay displays behavior that causes significant inconvenience to other guests or employees of the hotel
      • When it is deemed that the person trying to stay may interfere with the operation of the hotel.
      • When the guest is ill or has medical concerns.
      • When the guest has an infectious disease or shows symptoms of such diseases.
      • When the guest is violent, or makes inappropriate or excessive demands of the hotel staff.
      • In cases of force majeure such as natural disasters and other problems with the facility.
      • When the guest booked a room with the intention of providing the right to someone else.
      • Any other lawful reasons.
  • Article 6: Cancellation by the Guest
    • Guests can cancel their reservation by notifying the hotel.
    • If the Guest has cancelled all or part of his or her reservation according to the previous sentence, the Guest is responsible for payments as defined in Appendix 3, Table 2.
    • When the Guest has not informed the hotel of late arrival, and does not show up at the Hotel by the last hour (midnight) of his or her arrival date, we will consider the no show to be a cancellation.
  • Article 7: Right to Cancel Accommodation Contract by the Hotel
    • The Hotel may cancel the Accommodation Contract under any of the following circumstances:
      • When the Guest is deemed liable for conduct and/or has conducted himself/herself in a manner that will violate laws or act against the public order and good morals in regard to his/her accommodatio
      • 2. When the Guest is deemed to fall under any of the following, <1> to <3>.
        • Antisocial organizations and groups (gangsters, extremist movement groups, etc. and their constituent members) to use the hotel.
        • Corporations and other groups in which gangsters or their constituent members control business activities.
        • Belonging to a corporation with an executive or executives that are members of an organized crime group.
      • When the Guest displays behavior that causes significant inconvenience to another guest or guests, or an employee of the hotel.
      • When it is deemed that the Guest may interfere with the operation of the hotel.
      • When the Guest can be clearly identified as carrying an infectious disease.
      • When the Guest has made violent demands regarding accommodation, or a burden beyond the reasonable range was placed.
      • When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities and/or other causes of force majeure.
      • 8When the Guest does not observe prohibitions on actions such as smoking in non-designated areas, tampers with fire detection facilities, and/or otherwise breaches the Hotel Regulations as stipulated by the Hotel (as restricted to those deemed necessary in order to avoid causing fires).
      • When a third party enters a guest room designated as an accommodation place, or enters a guest room not designated for its own use without permission.
      • When transferring or trying to transfer the right to stay at the hotel.
      • Violation of this agreement or the terms of use of the hotel.
      • In addition to the above cases, in cases where it is possible to refuse accommodation based on laws and regulations.

    2.If the Hotel has canceled the Accommodation Contract in accordance with the preceding Paragraph, the Hotel will not reimburse the Guest for any payment made except in Cases #5 and #7.

  • Article 8: Registration
    • The Guest shall register the following particulars at the Front Desk of the Hotel on the day of accommodation:
      • Name, age, gender, address and occupation of the Guest(s)
      • Nationality, passport number, port and date of entry in Japan
      • Date and estimated time of departure.
    • In cases where the Guest intends to pay his/her accommodation charges prescribed in Article 12 by any means other than Japanese currency, such as coupons, or credit cards, these credentials shall be shown in advance at the time of the registration prescribed in the preceding Paragraph.
  • Article 9: Occupancy Hours of Guest Rooms
    • The Guest is entitled to occupy the contracted guest room of the Hotel from the time of check-in to check-out.
    • Even during the period when the guest is permitted to use the guest room, the Hotel shall be able to enter the room and take necessary measures when there is a need for safety and hygiene management, or to otherwise conduct operational management of the hotel.
  • Article 10: Observance of Hotel Regulations
    • The Guest shall observe the Hotel Regulations established by the Hotel. TheHotel Regulations are posted within the premises of the Hotel.
  • Article 11: Business Hours
    • The business hours of the Hotel main facilities are as follows, and those of other facilities shall be described in detail by brochures as provided, notices displayed in various places, the Service Directory in guest rooms, and other means.
    • The business hours of the facilities in the preceding paragraph are subject to change due to necessity. In that case, we will inform you by an appropriate method.
    • The Hotel will not be held responsible for any damages caused by changes in business hours as set forth in the preceding paragraph.
  • Article 12: Payment of Accommodation Charges
    • The explanation of accommodation charges, etc. that the Guest shall pay is as listed in the attached Table No. 1.
    • Accommodation charges, etc. as stated in the preceding Paragraph shall be paid at the Front Desk or by bank transfer at the time specified by the Hotel in Japanese currency. Other means acceptable to the Hotel are traveler's cheques, coupons and credit cards.
    • Accommodation charges shall be paid even if the Guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities provided for him/her by the Hotel
  • Article 13: Liabilities of the Hotel
    • The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage if the Hotel has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment or the nonfulfillment of the Accommodation Contract and/or related agreements. However, the same shall not apply in cases where such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the Hotel is not liable.
    • The hotel has liability insurance in case of a fire, etc., but if it falls under the exemption conditions dictated by the insurance contract, the damage suffered by the guest may not be covered.
  • Article 14: Handling when Unable to Provide Contracted Rooms
    • The Hotel shall, when unable to provide contracted rooms, arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the Guest insofar as practicable with the consent of the Guest.
    • When arrangement of other accommodation cannot be made, notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the Hotel shall pay the Guest a compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation charges and the compensation fee shall be applied to reparations. However, when the Hotel cannot provide accommodation due to causes for which the Hotel is not liable, the Hotel will not compensate the Guest.
  • Article 15: Handling of Deposited Articles
    • The Hotel is not allowed to store any items (including cash and valuables) carried by guests.
    • Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the property (excluding cash and valuables) deposited by the guest due to an unavoidable reason is lost or damaged due to the negligence of the Hotel, the Hotel will compensate the guest. In addition, cash and valuables shall be managed by the Guest themselves under any circumstances. Please note that the Hotel is not responsible for the storage of cash and valuables.
    • If the Guest's goods (excluding cash and valuables) brought into the Hotel are lost or damaged due to the intention or negligence of the Hotel, the Hotel will compensate the Guest for these damages. However, if the Guest has not declared the type and price in advance, the damage will be compensated only up to a value of 20,000 JPY unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the Hotel.
  • Article 16: Custody of Baggage and/or Belongings of the Guest
    • In the event that the baggage of the Guest is brought into the Hotel before his/her arrival, the Hotel shall be liable to store it only in the case when such a request has been accepted from the Hotel. The baggage shall be handed over to the Guest at the Front Desk at the time of check-in.
    • When the baggage or belongings of the Guest are found after check-out and ownership of the article is confirmed, the Hotel shall inform the owner of the article(s) left behind and ask for further instructions. However, if there is no instruction from the owner, or if the owner is not known, the Hotel shall consider that the Guest or owner has abandoned its ownership and may dispose of it arbitrarily. In particular, raw items, food, tobacco, etc. will not be stored at all for hygiene and safety reasons.
      • Cash and valuables will be stored for 7 days including the date of discovery, and then delivered to the nearest police station
      • We will dispose of perishables, foods, cigarettes, etc. the next day if there is no notification, regardless of price or expiration date.
      • Other items will be disposed of after being stored in the hotel for one month, including the date of discovery.
    • The Hotel will arbitrarily inspect the contents of leftover baggage or personal belongings in order to properly process them according to the nature of the contents. If necessary, the property may be returned to the owner or person who lost them, or processed in accordance with the preceding paragraph, with or without the permission of the Guest.
    • The responsibility of the Hotel for the storage of the Guest’s baggage or personal belongings shall be in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2 of the preceding article.
  • Article 17: Liability in Regard to Parking
    • The Hotel shall not be liable for the custody of the Guest’s vehicle when the Guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the Hotel, as it shall be regarded that the Hotel simply offers the space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited to the Hotel or not. However, the Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage caused through intent or negligence on the part of the Hotel in regards to the management of the parking lot.
  • Article 18: Liability of the Guest
    • The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for damage caused through intent or negligence on part of the Guest.
    • If the Guest smokes in the hotel, the Guest will be required to pay a feeof 25,000 JPY in damages to the Hotel.
    • If the Guest loses the guest room key, a maximum charge of 30,000 JPY (excluding consumption tax) will be charged.
  • Article 19: Disclaimer
    • The Hotel takes no responsibility for the loss, damage, etc. of any of the Guest's goods in the shared facilities of the hotel.
    • The Hotel is not responsible for any disputes between or damage caused by hotel guests.
    • Computer communication or transmissions within the Hotel is to be conducted at the Guest's own risk. The hotel will not be liable in the event that service is interrupted due to system failure or other reasons while engaging in such communication, regardless of whether the user suffers any damage as a result. In addition, when using computer communication, if the Guest's behavior is deemed by the Hotel to be inappropriate, and said behavior is deemed to have caused damage to the hotel and/or a third party, the Hotel will ask the Guest to pay compensation.
    • The Hotel will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the user due to a malfunction of the computer communication environment provided by the Hotel.
    • Please refrain from using wheelchairs or other auxiliary equipment within the hotel. We do not take any responsibility for these uses.
    • We cannot accept mail sent to or from our address, regardless of addressee. Furthermore, we do not take any responsibility for these mail items.
  • Article 20: Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws
    • Litigation arising from the Terms & Conditions for Accommodation Contract will be resolved in the courts in the jurisdiction of the Hotel and in accordance with Japanese law.
  • Article 21: Amendment of Terms
    • This agreement can be revised at any time if necessary. When this agreement is revised, the hotel shall post the revised clause and the effective date on the website of the hotel.
  • Article 22: Governing Language
    • These terms are provided in both Japanese and English. In case of a discrepancy between the Japanese and the English, the Japanese version will take precedence.

Attached Table No. 1 Calculation Method for Accommodation Charges (Ref. Paragraph 2of Article 1 and Paragraph 12 of Article1)

Total amount to be paid by the Guest
  • Accommodation Charges:1. Basic Accommodation Charge
  • Extra Charges:2. Drinks, Linen change and other Expenses
  • Taxes:3. Consumption Tax
Remarks: The basic accommodation fee is posted on the hotel website. These charges are subject to change in accordance with revisions to the Tax Laws concerned.

Attached Table No.2 Cancellation Charge for Hotel (Ref. Paragraph 6 of Article 2)

  • Date when Cancellation of Contract is noticed. Contracted day to four days before Arrival day:80%
  • Date when Cancellation of Contract is noticed. Three days to the day before Arrival day:90%
  • Date when Cancellation of Contract is noticed. Arrival day:100%
  • Date when Cancellation of Contract is noticed. No show:100%
Remarks: The percentages signifies the cancellation charge to the basic Accommodation Charges.