IMPORTANT: Deposit for reservations

Deposit for KURABITO STAY programs


Customers who book a KURABITO STAY program from June 2023 must pay a deposit when making their reservation.
The deposit is treated as part of the program fee, and you will pay the balance at KURABITO STAY on the last day of your stay.






For 2-day, 1-night programs: 33,000 yen (tax included)
For 3-day, 2-night programs: 55,000 yen (tax included)
Other special tour programs, whole house rental: full fee to be paid at the time of application


*No deposit is charged until the program reaches the minimum number of people required for it to run. The deposit will be charged after the minimum number of people have reserved and we know the program will definitely take place.
*The deposit must be paid to complete your reservation. If it is not paid by the deadline, the reservation will be cancelled.
*The deposit will be treated as part of the program fee or cancellation fee.
*There is a possibility that we may have to cancel the program at the last minute (e.g. because of natural disaster or pandemic measures), but in that case we will refund the full application fee.





Choose any of the following payment methods to pay the deposit


Credit card
Number of payments: Single payment of full amount only
Settlement procedure: Pay the deposit using the online payment service details we send you after receiving your reservation. Please be sure to check the statement sent by your card company.

Payment deadline: Within 5 days from the day after you apply
*If you apply within 5 days of the day the program starts, please pay on the day you apply
Credit cards that can be used for online pre-payment: VISA、Master、JCB、AMERICAN EXPRESS、Diners Club、DISCOVER



Bank transfer
The deposit must be paid in full in a single payment.

*Please be aware that it may take a few days to confirm the payment.
Payment deadline: Within 5 days from the day after you apply
*If you apply within 5 days of the day the program starts, please pay on the day you apply



Cancellation fees stipulated by KURABITO STAY
* If cancellation is made between the reservation date and 4 days before the program starts: cancellation fee is the deposit
* If cancellation is made from 3 days before the program starts to the day before: 90%
* If cancellation is made on the day your stay starts: 100%
* If you do not participate without notice: 100%