Rent the entire building at KURABITO STAY and have a Sake Brewery Hotel® all to yourself! – Stay and enjoy sake –

Information on the Sake Brewery Hotel® stay plan

Why not spend your holiday at a Sake Brewery Hotel® inside a sake brewery which has been in business for 330 years?


The brewery is located around 28 km from Karuizawa (about 40 minutes by car) and is also convenient for visiting wineries, bakeries and gardens in Komoro City and Tomi City. The Sake Brewery Hotel® is about 158 square meters in size, and is a modern renovation of a 100 year old local house. Enjoy special moments in a private space reserved just for you and your guests, while we prepare delicious sake from the Saku area that you can only drink here!



Please contact us for availability.
*Check-in opens from 14:30, check out by 10:00 the next day.



10 people
8 private rooms (10 sets of bedding)


Exclusive building rental fee (without meals):
49,800 yen (tax included) per night for up to 3 people.

*Add 12,800 yen (tax included) per person after the first 3 people.
*5% discount after the second night if you stay consecutive nights.
*5% discount if you have previously participated in a KURABITO STAY event.
*10% discount after the second night if you have previously participated in a KURABITO STAY event and stay consecutive nights.




Services included in the exclusive building rental fee:

・Sake server (up to six 720ml bottles.) We will prepare a variety of sake from the Saku area, including some sake only available locally.

・Parking There is parking for 2-3 cars on weekdays and about 10 cars on weekends.


Additional services:

・Breakfast: “Kurabito healthy breakfast” (choose Japanese or Western style) 2,500 yen per person (tax included). Available for groups of 4 people or more.

・Dinner: “Japanese sake pairing bento” 3,300 yen per person (tax included) Available for groups of 4 people or more.

*Please feel free to contact us if you would like to rent a printer or projector, or have any other requests.



Sake Brewery Hotel® facilities: https://kurabitostay.com/facilities/

*You can rent disposable tableware, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc., but the built-in kitchen cannot be used.
*Equipment that may cause fire, such as gas stoves, is strictly prohibited.


Transfer fees within 3 days of making your reservation request. Your reservation will be confirmed after the transfer is received.


Cancellation fees:
More than 7 days before your stay, 20%.
From 6 days before to the day before your stay,  50%.
On the day of your stay, 100%.



Click here for applications and inquiries.

090-9354-8328 (Tazawa)

Breakfast “Kurabito healthy breakfast” (Japanese style)” (image)



Local information

Restaurants near the Sake Brewery Hotel®: https://sakusake-tourism.com/cuisine/

Shops near the Sake Brewery Hotel®:
7-Eleven (13 minutes on foot),
Tsuruya Usuda store (10 minutes on foot),
post office (7 minutes on foot),
pharmacy (1 minute walk)


Emergencies: Saku Medical Center and Saku General Hospital: http://www.sakuhp.or.jp/ja/index.html


Weekday night/holiday duty doctor: https://www.city.saku.nagano.jp/smph/kenko/kenkozoshin/kyujitsutobani/index.html


Saku City, a city of comfort and health: https://www.city.saku.nagano.jp/outside/citypromotion/index.html


Local taxis – Shinkai taxi: https://townpage.goo.ne.jp/shopdetail.php?matomeid=202152988000000899


Hot spring information from the Saku City Tourism Association website: http://www.sakukankou.jp/spa/onsenlist/


Sightseeing spots in Saku City from the Saku City Tourism Association website: http://www.sakukankou.jp/sightseeing/